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Adult Education Guidance Centres




Adult Education Guidance Centres (AEGC)
In accordance with the The Guidelines for Implementing Adult Education Guidance as a Public Service (2020) they provide guidance in adult education in the following areas :

– enrolment in education and continuation of education,
– identification and documentation of knowledge and skills.

Time period

Since 2000
From 2021 onwards as part of the public service

Financed by

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


Tanja VIlič Klenovšek, MA

T: +386 1 5842 584





To provide adults free information and guidance regarding their learning and education options and identification and documentation of knowledge and skills.



The key objectives are:

  • To provide all adults with quality, professional and comprehensive information and guidance as a support to their education and learning;
  • To connect into a network as many local providers of educational and guidance services for adult as possible to ensure quality, comprehensive and coordinated activities of all subjects when offering information and guidance in adult education.



The development and establishment of guidance centres for adult education started with definition of a theoretical model for adult education guidance centres – the AEGC model. The first guidance centres started operating in the years 2000-2001 (in accordance with the public tender of the then Ministry of Education and Sport). By 2017, 17 guidance centers had been established and operated to this extent until 2020.

Since 2021 guidance activities in adult education are a part of public services, provided by public 34 adult education centres and thus accessible to all adults in Slovenia. Two of three areas of guidance in adult education are interlinked in guidance centres: guidance fort he enrolment in education and continuation of education, and identification and documentation of knowledge and skills.

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Guidance activities in guidance centres are aimed at all adults, especially those groups of adults in the local environment in difficult situations, who have difficulty accessing the education and who are less educated and less active in the field of education. The information and guidance are free for all adult users.

To make the guidance services accessible to the widest possible range of adults, the guidance centres also provide their services outside their main offices, i.e. in the field: so-called dislocated services, using the mobile guidance services and the Guidance centre Info points.




The guidance centres provide adults with guidance regarding:

  • The selection of the type of education or learning;
  • The planning of personal and work career;
  • Identification and documentation of knowledge and skills;
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  • The evaluation of their competences, experiences and knowledge using an interview and various other guidance tools;
  • The solution to their learning and other problems and barriers related to education;
  • The planning and evaluation of their studying;
  • The validation of prior knowledge;
  • The ways of finding employers and effectively presenting their knowledge, experiences and capabilities after the end of their education.



The key achievements up to 2020 were:

  • More than 180,000 adult individuals who used information and guidance services and more the 3,500 group information and guidance activities;
  • 175 trained counsellors in Adult Education;
  • More than 320 partner organisations in the AEGC network;
  • More than 100 professional events organised on the national level in collaboration with the AEGC partners;
  • Participation in more than 20 international projects on the topic of guidance in adult education;

9 manuals and 40 professional and promotional materials.

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