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Development of Approaches to Adult Education Trainings and Seminars

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ProjectDevelopment of approaches to adult education trainings and seminars
Time periodPermanent task
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactDr Tanja Možina
T: +386 1 5842 577

This task is aimed to provide research and development work to support trainings and seminars for people working in adult education and to improve their professional development. The aim of research, (self)evaluation and development studies is to determine the needs of adult educators for adult education training and seminars and to research the characteristics of their professional development.

The results of the studies serve as a foundation for development of new approaches, forms and methods of trainings for adult educators and for development of new programmes of trainings and seminars for adult educators. An important aspect of the development work is the development of ICT and other supporting infrastructure for implementation of SIAE educational activities.

  • Research and analytical work to support the activities for professional development of adult educators;
  • Development of new approaches, forms and methods for professional development of adult educators;
  • Development of new programmes for professional development of adult educators;
  • Guidance regarding the content and methodology for preparation of new and existing training programmes and entry of the programmes into the online catalogue of programmes;
  • Development of ICT support for implementation of SIAE trainings and seminars for adult educators.

If we want to support adult educators in their professional development by offering them trainings and seminars, we need a good insight and understanding of the characteristics and varieties of their career paths. It is important to know the specifics of different roles the adult educators take on as part as their jobs.

Only based on the research, analyses and development foundations can we develop training programmes and seminars to provide adult educators support on their path to professional development and improvement.


We implement the following activities as part of this task:

  • Continuous in-depth identification of needs for adult education trainings and seminars;
  • Monitoring the number and characteristics of trained professionals and monitoring and analysing the work contexts, characteristics of work roles and types of work performed by adult educators;
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  • Analysing the fluctuation of professionals in adult education;
  • Development of a competence-based approach to professional improvement of adult educators;
  • Development of new training programmes and seminars for adult educators;
  • Development and implementation of new approaches and ICT learning technologies into the trainings and seminars for adult educators.

The key achievements of this task are:

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  • Monitoring and analysis of the number of participants in the adult education trainings and seminars at the SIAE: In the years 2011 and 2012, we analysed the number of trained professional in the programmes of basic training for special roles (e.g. study circle mentors, teacher of training for success in life, AEGC counsellor, PLYA mentors, quality counsellor, etc.) provided by the SIAE. in Slovenian only
  • The analysis of fluctuations of trained professionals that were trained in the basic training programmes for special roles at the SIAE: In 2014, we implemented a research on fluctuations of trained professionals in these programmes. The results were published in six separate studies. in Slovenian only
  • Development of a competence foundation for advanced trainings and seminars of adult educators: Based on an in-depth analysis of work processes and tasks that adult educators perform in the field, we developed competence foundations that serve as starting points for development of new training programmes and seminars.
  • Development of new training programmes and seminars for adult educators: Based on the identified needs, we develop new adult education training programmes and seminars. The programmes are published in the SIAE online catalogue of programmes.
  • Development and implementation of new approaches and ICT learning technologies into the trainings and seminars for adult educators: The future of education is reflected in the strengthening of didactical and ICT skills, knowledge of ICT technologies and tools and various interactive techniques and methods of in-service training that will facilitate adult educators to facilitate distance learning. Therefore, we introduced modern SMART technology (smart interactive screens) in the learning process. We started using VOX web conferencing, Zoom and Teams video conferencing tools and implemented programs with the support of Moodle learning platform. Participants can access the materials in the e-learning corner located on the Moj ACS spopolnjevanje web portal.
  • Experience with distance adult education during the pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has cut into all pores of society and personal life, especially in the field of education. After initial responses, when many activities, including education, were simply discontinued for fear of the virus spreading, the prevailing realization was that this was only a temporary solution that could not be continued indefinitely, but that other options should be considered how these activities are carried out. In education a decision was made to conduct education as distance education. In doing so, we were confronted with a number of unknown things about which there has been a lot of talk. At SIAE, we offer professional support to adult education providers during a pandemic with the help of expert recommendations that have been prepared for various areas of adult education. We presented more about this in a research study.

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