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Role Models Attract Multimedia Portal



Activity/projectRole Models Attract Multimedia Portal
Time periodMultimedia Portal since 2012, project Role Models Attract since 2007
Financed byMinistry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
ContactDarijan Novak

(T: +386 1 584 25 82, E:




We created this multimedia portal to present the SIAE multimedia production and encourage other stakeholders in adult education to produce multimedia materials. To complement the portal, we also prepared a training on Use of multimedia in education, where we encouraged the participants to create their own high-quality multimedia materials. The portal includes the pages: Award winner, SIAE production, Multimedia school and Good things from the internet.



To encourage the network of adult educators and educators in general to use multimedia in their everyday work and to produce their own high-quality multimedia materials.



In 2007, we began the promotional campaign Role Models Attract (RMA) and prepared a collection of multimedia publications for selected target groups that were offered to the interested parties for free. The collection includes:

  • RMA 1–3: Lifelong learning for equal opportunities for everyone (in Slovenian only)
  • RMA 4: Reaching my goals I, early career stages (in Slovenian only)
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  • RMA 5: Reaching my goals II, mid career stages (in Slovenian only)
  • RMA 6: Reaching my goals III, mature career stages (in Slovenian only)
  • RMA 7: Richness in diversity (in Slovenian only)
  • RMA 7a: Richness in diversity (Slovenian and English version)
  • RMA 8: Learning – Doorway to the World of New Opportunities (Slovenian and English version)
  • RMA 9: Third Age Lucky – Learning and Creativity in the Third Age (Slovenian and English version)

In 2012, these materials were published on the Role Models Attract portal together with the SIAE Award Winners, other SIAE multimedia productions and examples of good practices from the internet.


  • Collection Role Models Attract 1–9 (DVD)
  • Printed publication Role Models Attract, Actions tempt (Zgledi vlečejo, dejanja mičejo, 1997–2008)
  • Training Use of multimedia in education
  • Role Models Attract Multimedia Portal.

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