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Time periodJune 2016 – March 2022
Financed byEuropean Social Fund, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactVera Mlinar
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The e-Portfolio (eP) is the main tool for evaluation of the already acquired knowledge, skills and competences developed by the SIAE as part of the project Assessment and recognition of non-formal learning in adults 2012–2014. We maintain and upgrade it and offer support as part of the project Expert support for the guidance and orientation activities and evaluation of non-formal education 2016–2022.

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The aim of the e-Portfolio is systematic keeping of records of acquired knowledge, skills and competences of an individual and documentation of everything the individual learned. It serves as the foundation for evaluation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired in different ways (through formal, non-formal, informal learning or through work and life experiences). It allows the individual to prove already acquired educational achievements and to record the competences acquired during the learning process.



When using the e-Portfolio, we pursue the following objectives:

  • Identification and documentation: collecting certificates, keeping record of knowledge, skills and competences acquired in different ways;
  • Development of competences in the individual: through the use of e-Portfolio, the individuals develop some of the basic skills, such as communication in mother tongue, communication in a foreign language and digital literacy competence.



The e-Portfolio (eP) is a basic tool for evaluation developed by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education that is based on one of the evaluation purposes that was defined as record keeping and evaluation of knowledge, work experiences and competences to facilitate re-employment, career change or development, personal development and a contemplation of the questions “Where am I?” and “Where am I going?”.

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It is a tool for collection of proofs and keeping records of everything that is learned. The e-Portfolio has several roles, such as:

  • Showing all the learning achievements of an individual regardless of how they were acquired;
  • Its reflective nature allows the individual to become aware of his/her knowledge, skill and competences;
  • It systematically arranges the candidates achievements for creation of a “learning” CV;
  • Raises and improves the confidence and self-image of the individual, encouraging further learning and personal development on a social and work level;
  • Allows the individual to evaluate own learning achievements and encourages further learning and independent planning.

The electronic version of the portfolio also enables simpler record keeping and planning, connection with others and quicker feedback.



Maintaining and updating the online application for creation of e-Portfolios and user support (technical support and support with content), monitoring, training.



On the SIAE level: establishment of a working online application for creation of the e-Portfolio.

On the level of individuals: the option to create an electronic version of educational portfolio (a collection of education achievement).

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