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EPALE (2015–2023)



ProjectElectronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe – EPALE
Time periodSince 2015
PartnersCentre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes – CMEPIUS (National support service Slovenia – NSS Slovenia)
Slovenian Institute for Adult Education – SIAE
ContactsZvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc
T: +386 1 584 2567

Nevenka Kocijančič
T: +386 1 584 2595




The aim of the EPALE platform is to improve the quality of adult education in Europe by publishing contents aimed to reach this goal and to spread information on current trends and development guidelines in adult education in Slovenia and in Europe.



The goal of the EPALE platform is to be the main online hub for adult learning in Europe.



EPALE is a multi-lingual community of educators, training coaches, researchers, academics, mentors, policy makers, decision makers, volunteers and all those who actively work in the adult learning.

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The members of the community exchange contents related to adult education. The functionality of the website allows them to connect with colleagues in adult learning from all across Europe. They can communicate under specific themes where the content is structured according to the topic or can ask for participation in the so-called private space on the EPALE platform, where they can organise discussions, upload documents, share news, etc. The partner search tool allows them to form business relationships.

The platform allows publication of news on current topics in adult learning in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe. It also includes an informational centre with published resources that include good practices, important documents, reports and other interesting publications. The blog allows the portal users to express their opinions and views on selected topics. The event calendar shows seminars, conferences and other educational events.

The partner search allows the participants to present their organisation or to contact guest mentors or new project partners.



The role of the SIAE in this project:

  • To motivate the website users for active participation;
  • To provide help with reaching key target groups through already existing networks;
  • To independently post and collaborate in the three EPALE strands: Contribute. Collaborate. Learn.
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  • To collaborate on preparation of content to be published on the platform;
  • The ensure independent posts, especially for larger events organised by the SIAE;
  • To present the opinion of the Slovenian adult education profession on thematic focuses (blogs, webinars etc.);
  • To spread information on new books and other resources in the field of adult education;
  • To adapt foreign posts to the Slovenian platform;
  • To promote the EPALE activities at various professional events;
  • To connect the EPALE event and other activities with the project EAAL implementation in Slovenia (EAAL for short);
  • To ensure participation of an SIAE representative in the EPALE group of experts, ensuring participation in development of the platform and finding resolutions to professional dilemmas;
  • To develop the EPALE section of the SIAE e-newsletter e-Novičke;
  • To develop the EPALE corner in the online application “Overview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer”;
  • To comment on the post on the EPALE platform;
  • To contribute to EPALE Community Stories;
  • To collaborate in the EPALE Community of Practice set up for Western Balkan experts.



In 2021, we successfully realised all the tasks we are responsible for as part of our collaboration with the NSS EPALE Slovenia. Our key successes were:

  • We contributed 9 blog posts, 3 comments, 9 translations, 11 news, 9 announcements of events, 20 presentations of resources;
  • We participated in 4 meetings of the Slovenian EPALE Expert Group and in 2 EPALE events: the 5th EPALE Regional Conference (22 and 23 November) and the EPALE Ambassadors Journey (2 and 3 December);
  • We joined forces in the EAAL Forum on Digital Transformation (17 June) and in the second part of the event carried out the first EPALE national online discussion in Slovenian;
  • We linked other EAAL events and activities with EPALE;
  • We shared posts of EPALE in the SIAE online bulletin, website and social media.

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