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Lifelong Learning Weeks



ProjectLifelong Learning Weeks – LLW
Time periodSince 1996
Coordination of the LLW throughout the year
Official date: 8 May – 14 June 2020
Financed by

Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport –

co-financing coordination of the LLW and the Learning Parade 

ContactZvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 567




Promotion and implementation of lifelong learning strategy for everybody. Educational, promotional and informative events, guidance-focused events, social and cultural events that reflect learning opportunities aimed at:

  • Acquisition of knowledge and understanding;
  • Acquisition and updating of necessary skills and competences for work;
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  • Personal growth and development of a responsible, aware and creative individual;
  • Development of openness and peaceful, active co-habitation within the community.



To promote the importance, role and opportunities for learning and education in all stages of life and in all roles people take on – as individuals, family members, member of work teams and other communities.



The Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) is the most prominent promotional event in the field of education and learning in Slovenia. The project is coordinated by the SIAE and implemented in collaboration with hundreds of institutions (kindergartens, elementary and high schools, adult education centres, municipalities, companies, offices and services of the Employment Service of Slovenia, associations and interest groups, libraries, cultural centres, music and dance schools, farms, tourist associations, scouts, study and reading circles, guidance centres, self-study centres and many others), groups and individuals in Slovenia and abroad.

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The LLW draw attention to the ubiquity and importance of learning – in all periods of life and in all roles an individual plays in life. All who co-create the project, either as organisers or as participants, contribute to the realisation of the LLW slogan “Slovenia, a learning country”.

Our target groups include the general public, representatives of all generations: participants in learning and education, possible future participants and non-participants, experts, politicians, social partners.

The LLW is also a member of an international movement of festivals of learning.


  • National coordination of the LLW (conceptual and developmental tasks, collaboration with the LLW providers, national promotion of the LLW, international collaboration);
  • Coordination of joint LLW actions intended to raise awareness and spread information among the largest possible part of the population on the role of lifelong learning (e.g. the Learning parade);
  • The institute of Awards for promotion of adult learning and knowledge.
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      • Promotional campaign and the Role Models Attract Multimedia Portal;
      • Co-organisation of the national opening of the LLW;
      • (Co-)organisation of the adult education colloquium;
      • Coordination of the EAAL project activities related to the LLW.



Total indicator: 23 realised LLWs

LLW 2018 indicators:

        • Number of organisers: 1,911 
        • Number of coordinators: 42
        • Number of all events:  7,457
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        • Number of media releases: 1.514
        • Number of visitors: 7.457

More in Analysis and report of LLW 2019: (in Slovenian).

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