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Professional Support in the Field of Adult Education

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ProjectProfessional Support in the Field of Adult Education
Time periodPermanent task
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport

Jasmina Mirčeva, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 590

Margerita Zagmajster, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 563




Expert support for promotion of adult education.



To offer professional support to policy makers for systematic planning of the adult education field in Slovenia.



As part of this task, we mostly offer support with preparation of legislation, strategic orientations and different professional groundwork for various systemic questions in the field of adult educations. We participate in different committees and work groups on the national and international level and in implementation of public calls to tender in the field of adult education.

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We prepare different professional materials for the Council of Experts of the RS for adult education and national reports for the field of education based on international surveys and implement other unplanned activities ordered by the provider of funds during the year (e.g. review of educational programmes, review of various strategic documents, etc.).


  • Preparation of expert groundwork for renovation of adult education legislation;
  • Active participation in more than 25 committees and work groups in Slovenia and abroad and preparation of different expert materials;
  • Monitoring and analysis of the Annual plan for adult education;
  • Professional support with implementation of calls for tenders in the field of adult education.



Our key achievements in 2017 are:

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