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Project Learning for Young Adults

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ProjectProject Learning for Young Adults (PLYA)
Time periodPermanent task
Financed by

Ministry of Labour, Family, 

Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

ContactNatalija Žalec, MAEd (UK)
T: +386 1 5842 587




Development, monitoring, evaluation, counselling and coordination support of the PLYA programme.


  • Providing counselling to the providers and professional and general public regarding the programme;
  • Development of the programme;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme;

Professional development of staff in the PLYA programme.



The PLYA programme is intended for young adults from 15 to 26 years that unsuccessfully finished or discontinued their schooling at the elementary, vocational, professional or high school level. Students who are still involved in schooling but need the support to avoid of dropping out can also join the program. The participants can participate in the programme for up to 10 months. With the support of mentors and external associates, they acquire the competences that allow them to enter the job market or continue their schooling. The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education supports the programme with its professional activities (more on SENCE: PUM-O skozi okno ).


  • Development of the curriculum;
  • Development of tools and evaluation of the programme;
  • Basic and additional trainings for the mentors in the PLYA programme;
  • Coordination and inter-sectoral collaboration;
  • Providing counselling regarding the programme.


  • Design of the PLYA curriculum;
  • Implementation of personal interviews with the mentor candidates for the Basic mentor training programme;
  • Design and implementation of the training programme for PLYA mentors – 92 pedagogical hours;
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  • Coordination among stakeholders;
  • Implementation of two one-day workshops for PUM-O mentors (every year);
  • Number of providers: 12;
  • Number of participants:  277 in 2020 (574 in 2019)

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