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Annual Adult Education Conference



ActivityAnnual Adult Education Conference (AAEC)
Time periodSince 2010 dalje (one or two days in autumn)
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactZvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 567




The Annual Adult Education Conference is a regular meeting of policy makers and professionals in the theory and practice of adult education.



Presentation of current topics, participation in implementation of these topics, professional exchanges, collections of suggestions and proposals of adult education stakeholders.



This event offers an opportunity to evaluate the activities and goals reached in the previous year. The aim of the conference is also to spread information and encourage discussion of challenges and orientation that will influence the activities in adult education in the future. The event is also an opportunity for creation on non-formal connections with professionals from all across Slovenia and from all fields, strengthening our joint commitment to development of adult education in Slovenia.



The SIAE has been tasked with solo organisation of the Annual Adult Education Conference on the behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport for several consecutive years.

The tasks are grouped into the following sets:

  • Definition of concept and contents of the meeting – in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports;
  • Informing different publics of the event and sending out invitations;
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  • Collaboration with providers of plenary and panel contributions and teamwork;
  • Implementation of organisational tasks in the strictest sense of the word;
  • Informational and promotional support;
  • Promotional materials;
  • Ensuring media support;
  • Implementation and documentation (recording, photographing) of the meeting;
  • Evaluation of the AAEC.

Total indicator: 11 realised Annual Adult Education Conferences and one conference realised in collaboration with the National School of Leadership in Education (March 2017); learn more about each AAEC at

Annual Adult Education Conference 2020 indicators:

  • A two-day virtual event;
  • Number of participants: 365 (present on either day or the first or second day);
  • Number of contributions: 16;
  • Number of speakers: 23 (4 from SIAE);
  • Interaction in the Zoom Chat Room.

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