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6. 6. 2018


Non-formal learning


By developing options for non-formal education and learning, we strive to provide diverse options for education and learning not only for the purpose of meeting the needs of the labour market, but also for:

  • an individual’s personal development;
  • the development of the local environment;
  • learning about and preserving natural and cultural heritage;
  • the assurance of access to education and learning to vulnerable target groups.

Non-formal education and learning do not involve informal (ad hoc) gathering of information and experience as they are organised, planned and usually adapted to the needs of adults. Non-formal education and learning are not aimed at acquiring a qualification level.

The objectives of non-formal education and learning remain the same as they had been:

  • getting to know the beauty of knowledge and its acquisition;
  • making those who do not see the need for knowledge want to learn;
  • providing education and learning to those who simply do not have (enough) opportunities to do so.

We devote a lot of attention to projects associated with non-formal education and learning: from the design to conceptual solutions, development of new forms, methods and programmes, transfer into practice, professional support for practitioners and their training to the monitoring and incorporation of non-formal education and learning into the systemic as well as the care for further development.

We have developed various non-formal education and learning projects: study circles and reading study circles, Self-Directed Learning Centres, knowledge exchanges, programmes for younger adults (Project Learning for Younger Adults – PUM and PUM-O), literacy programmes, programme aimed at the training for sustainable development and programmes for the initial integration of immigrants. The majority of the mentioned projects have become well-established in Slovenia and demand for them is on the rise. Some have received awards and were recognised as examples of good practice on the international level as well.

Would you like to check your options for enrolment? Search the offer of non-formal education in one of the IGAE centres.

The future belongs to those who learn what they need to learn in order to do what they need to do.

Dennis Waitley

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