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Education for Sustainable Development

Non-formal learning


ProjectEducation for Sustainable Development
Time periodSince 2007
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport;
projects of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
ContactDr Nevenka Bogataj
T: +386 1 5842 579




The initial aim in 2006 was to introduce the topic of education for sustainable development in adult education. After developing two training programmes and learning materials, we aim to raise participation in these programmes, extend cooperation with stakeholders in this field and create an added value, e.g. in terms of criteria development, fieldwork support, decision-making aligned with principles of sustainability.



To understand and follow the basic principles of sustainability, implement education for sustainable development and contribute to the transformation to sustainability that will take place at a level of an individual and institutions.


Sustainability, sustainable development and education for sustainable development are complex issues that connect social and natural systems and address an overall developmental pattern. Therefore, interdisciplinary approaches are practised and documented in outcomes. 



The main activities are:

  • implementation of the Basic Training for Sustainable Development;
  • implementation of the Extended Training for Sustainable Development;
  • offering guidance to practitioners and stakeholders;
  • collaboration in research and development projects and activities contributing to education for sustainable development;
  • international cooperation.



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