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ProjectEducation for Sustainable Development
Time periodSince 2007
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport;
projects of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
ContactDr Nevenka Bogataj
T: +386 1 5842 579




Our main aim is to implement the topic of education for sustainable development into adult education.


  • To introduce the idea, principles and the concept of sustainability and sustainable development;
  • To implement the principles and the concept into adult education.



Sustainable development is a very complex idea. It is defined by environmental, social and economic dimension, and the newer Slovenian approaches often add a fourth dimension – the culture.

In adult education, the topic of sustainable development gained ground in 2006, when the ESF funds allowed the SIAE to form a work group, composed mostly of external associates, to prepare an educational programme (2007). Later, we also prepared learning materials for the programme (A reader on sustainability, 2009; Signs of sustainability, 2013) and a module for advanced training of professional associates (2014).

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In the 2015–2018 period, we participated in an international project Cooperation for innovative approach in sustainable forest management training – CIA2SFM, which aims to offer an overview of good practices in the field of sustainability, preparation of an educational programme on sustainable management of resources, an e-learning platform and a manual on how to use the platform.

The project Realisation of adult training programme on sustainable development and transition to a green economy in relation to climate change (2016) allowed us to implement the training in practice and to further develop and identify future options for development.



The following activities are implemented as part of the project:

  • We implement the basic training for sustainable development;
  • We implement the extended training for sustainable development;
  • We offer guidance to interested stakeholders and providers of study circles;
  • We prepare study materials.



As part of the project, we:

  • Developed and pilot tested the first Programme of basic training for sustainable development;
  • Prepared two study materials (Reader on sustainability and Signs of sustainability):
  • Improved and described the programme and entered it into the online catalogue of programmes.
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  • Developed an extensive training program that includes new lecturers and new themes (e.g. climate change);
  • Prepared a bibliography of new target groups and new educational tools (e.g. e-classroom on sustainable resource management and adaptation to climate change),
  • Established promotional items (website, logo);
  • Developed systematic proposals for the integration of climate content into a wider adult education process;
  • Carried out the thematic Caravan of Study Circles 2016 (theme: Adapting to Climate Change);
  • Published scientific and professional papers on this topic.

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