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Overview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer



ActivityOverview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer (Where to Get Knowledge?)
Time periodSince 1992
Financed byMinistry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
ContactErika Brenk
T: 01 584 2570




The aim of annual monitoring and posting of educational offers for adults on the website Overview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer is to inform the general and professional public of available education and training in the field of formal and non-formal education and to promote lifelong learning. The online overview of available adult education is also an essential source of data for informational and guidance activities and analytical and research activities in the field of adult education.



To inform the general and professional public of the available educational offer in Slovenia, to ensure continuous guidance and information on education on offer and to analyse the adult education on offer in Slovenia.



The online Overview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer is one of the few informational resources on a national level, presenting the available formal and non-formal adult education programmes for each school year. The website offers the general and professional public information on more than 250 providers of adult education (adult education centres, secondary schools, tertiary and higher education schools and faculties, private organisations and schools, educational centres, associations, third age universities, libraries, museums, galleries and other education providers) and more than 3500 educational programmes and other information in the field of adult learning and education.

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The project is implemented as part of the Operative programmes for implementation of European Cohesion Policy 2014–2020. The project target group is professionals in the fields of pre-school education, elementary school education, elementary musical education, vocational and professional education, general secondary education, education of children and youth with special needs, education in student dormitories and adult education.

The trainings are intended for:

  • Collectives or educational organisations,
  • Professionals in individual fields and subjects,
  • Managers.


  • Collaboration with adult education providers;
  • Annual monitoring and posting of adult education on offer;
  • Analysis of the education on offer.



Total indicator: 26 issues of the Overview (in printed version until 1999, later also on CDs and online and only online version since 2002)

Indicators of the Overview of Adult Education and Learning on Offer in 2018/2019:

  • 254 adult education providers
  • 3724 educational programmes.

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