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6. 6. 2018




Research, development and education related to literacy and the basic abilities of adults are one of the fundamental areas of our work. We pursue various activities:

  • we conduct comparative studies and research,
  • we study and develop models and programmes for adults,
  • we develop new approaches to the training of teachers and professionals,
  • we study and develop new interactive materials for adults and professionals,
  • we promote the area of literacy,
  • we participate in international development and research projects.

Over the period of three decades, we have seen changes to the understanding of the adult literacy problem as well as the offer of programmes for adults and the approaches to the training of teachers. In addition to the developing practice in the area of adult literacy, our work was marked the most by two highly visible international surveys that we conducted under the auspices of the OECD. The first was the International Adult Literacy Survey – IALS (1997–2000) and the second was the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult CompetenciesPIAAC (2013–2015), which showed that adults in Slovenia in their active stage of life between 16 and 65 years of age are below the international average in all measured areas of skills (literacy, numeracy and problem solving). It is estimated that more than 400,000 adults in Slovenia only attain the lowest level of literacy and numeracy skills which points to a mass phenomenon that requires a comprehensive approach.

After 2000, we saw the development of the offer of officially recognised educational programmes for the development of literacy and basic abilities for various target groups of adults which maintain the common name: Training for Success in Life programmes. A separate study of the needs and characteristics of target groups was conducted for each individual programme. They were updated after 2012 based on the findings of the National Evaluation of Officially Recognised Programmes for Adults (2010–2011), which surveyed more 1,200 teachers, programme participants and practitioners. It is our assessment that the results of the national evaluation, which uncovered and explained the mechanisms in the model of programmes for vulnerable groups of adults, represent an original contribution to the profession of adult education.

The development of the programmes and activities in the area of adult literacy to date indicates that we cannot expect significant shifts unless fundamental conditions are ensured: uniform development of a network of institutions and teachers as well as physical conditions for their quality work and professional development.

Would you like to learn more about the area of adult literacy? We provide a detailed presentation on a separate website.

Illiteracy is akin to a world with a single entrance and, once we enter it, there is nothing there. Literacy has saved me from this dark world. It has unlocked a thousand doors for me to enter through.

Ernest Carr

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