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GLAS (2021–2022)



ProjectGuidance for Low-skilled Adults towards Skills Assessment and Validation – GLAS
Time periodNovember 2020 – December 2022
ProgrammeErasmus+, KA2
PartnersTrebnje Center for Education and Culture – CIK Trebnje (Slovenia) – coordinator
Slovenian Institute for Adult Education – SIAE (Slovenia)
European Association for the Education of Adults – EAEA (Belgium)
Scotland’s Learning Partnership (Unitd Kindom)
Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
ContactsVera Mlinar
T: +386 1 5842 588



The main aim of the project is to develop the methodology for the assessment and validation of digital skills, numeracy and language skills of adults. Guidelines for counsellors will also be prepared. They will provide concrete measures and shared principles for basic skills assessment and validation.

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The basic skills assessment and validation process is intended for low-skilled adults. After the procedure, they will receive their skills record, including the counsellor’s opinion of the achieved level of skills in coherence with EQF and recommendations for further education and training programmes (e.g. strong areas, weak areas, recommendations for the future).


The main objects of the projects are:

  • to promote access to upskilling pathways for adults through assessment and validation processes;
  • to extend the competences of adult educators through the improvement of guidance methods and tools.

Guidance services for adult learners are already present in the EU countries; however, they often do not reach those adults that need education and training the most as a foundation for their permanent employment and social inclusion.

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Due to a lack of shared procedures for assessing and validating non-formal and informal knowledge, it is difficult for adult educators and counsellors to direct adults to further education and training programmes.

Joined development of the methodology, implementation guidelines, an online repository with methods and tools and recommendations for assessment and validation of key competencies will result in reaching a broader range of adults. Also, the implementation of innovative guidance approaches in mainstream adult education and guidance will be more successful.


The main activities of the project are:

  • establishment of EU-wide online repository of different tools for assessment and validation of digital skills, numeracy and language skills;
  • preparation of the methodology for assessment and validation of digital skills, numeracy and language skills of adults;
  • implementation of guidelines for adult educators and;
  • preparation of recommendations for implementing the methodology into the EU adult education system and guidance services.

The methodology for assessment and validation of basic skills and implementation of guidelines will support the adult educators and counsellors in assisting and guiding low-skilled adults to maximise the development of their literacy, numeracy, digital and  social skills. Thus they will increase their competitiveness in the labour market and their quality of life.

They will be directly involved in the skills assessment and validation process and have a better overview of their skills and a set plan towards skills development.

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