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Adult Competences Development 2016–2022



ProjectProfessional Support in the Area of Basic Adult Competences Development 2016–2022 (shorter: Adult Competences Development 2016–2022
Time periodApril 2016 – March 2022
Project value833.375,00 EUR
Financed byEuropean Social Fund (80 %) in Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (20 %)
ContactEstera Možina, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 591
Contract caretakerMarko Šiška, MSc, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport



  • to develop expert groundwork for the development of basic abilities and literacy of adults thus contributing to increased participation in lifelong learning (LLL),
  • improving the abilities adults require for the purposes of the labour market, improved employability, mobility,
  • personal development and functioning in modern society,
  • inclusion of the activities for the improvement of the quality of adult education developed to date into the national system for the assessment and assurance of quality in education,
  • and ensuring further developmental and consulting work for the performance of self-evaluation at educational organisations.


  • developing expert groundwork, an educational programme and innovative resources, approaches and instruments that will contribute to improved recognisability, improved adaptation to adult needs and higher quality of implementation of educational programmes for the acquisition of basic competences of those with lower education and qualifications, whereby a special emphasis is to be placed on the employed and those older than 45 years of age; and
  • preparing expert groundwork for the inclusion of self-evaluation of adult education into the national quality reference framework and
  • developing a training programme, ICT tools and new learning materials that represent an upgrade of the achievements to date in the introduction of self-evaluation into adult education.



The project combines four activities:

Activity 1: Development of professional resources and programmes as well as approaches in innovative learning environments

Activity 2: Development of new approaches and professional support to providers

Activity 3: Implementation of new forms of promotion addressing various segments of the public in cooperation with providers

Activity 4: Systematic inclusion and further development of self-evaluation in adult education field.



  • The key achievements of the project are presented at the project website – click here.

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