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6. 6. 2018


Information support


We inform the domestic and international public, i.e. from the professional, academic and political to non-professional spheres and the media, of the activities and achievements in the fields of adult education and lifelong learning. We make use of other media and sources of information and also set up, upgrade and expand our own media and sources. In doing so, we establish inter-sector ties at home and on the international stage.

The aim of these activities is:

  • to notify the domestic and foreign public of the developments in the field of adult education and lifelong learning in Slovenia;
  • to use our own media to publish relevant information gathered from other domestic and international sources;
  • the ensure current data, indicators and up-to-date adult education content presentations;
  • to analyse the educational offer in Slovenia and inform the broadest possible population of the general public as well as the professional public about the said offer;
  • to provide library-documentation activities to employees and external users.

The above allows us to contribute to the broadest possible understanding of adult education as a driving force behind lifelong advancement of knowledge and skills, improvement of employability, personal growth and coexistence in the community. Diverse information also allows us to boost awareness-building activities in other ways.

We realise our purpose of providing information using an online overview of the offer of adult education in Slovenia entitled Kam po znanje (online overview of adult education and learning on offer) (1992 →) and the collection of current content presentations gathered in the InfO-Mosaic (2008 →). The SIAE Newsletter (1992 →) informs Slovenian and foreign readership on the latest developments and achievements in adult education in Slovenia and abroad. We also publish articles on the Electronic Platform for Adult Education in Europe – EPALE (2015 →). We participate in the Slovenian EPALE expert group and contribute in other ways to the development of this medium for the exchange of information, viewpoints and other content intended for the professional public in adult education.

Do you need professional materials dealing with adult education, pedagogy and similar professional fields? Visit the specialised library where we have collected specialised book and other materials for around 350 users.

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Albert Einstein

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