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Green Quality Logo



ProjectGreen Quality logo
Time periodSince 2004
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactJasmina Orešnik Cunja
T: +386 1 584 25965




The Green Quality logo marks educational organisations that systematically maintain and improve their quality and the quality of their services in the field of adult education.

The purpose of the logo is to motivate and award educational organisations and experts for planning and systematically approaching the quality assessment and development of their own work.



The main objectives of the project are:

  • To develop external motivation for systematic work on development of an internal quality system in adult education organisation;
  • To encourage educational organisation to elevate their quality development from project-level activity to a regular activity;
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  • To develop indicators and measurement to professionally and transparently evaluate whether the work of educational organisations on quality assessment and evaluation really is systematic, planned and continuous;
  • To contribute to the realisation of the public right to be informed on which adult education organisations have implemented systematic plans for assessment and development of their own work quality;
  • To promote adult education organisations with a systematic and planned approach to assessment and development of their own work quality.



To acquire the right to use the Green Quality logo, an organisation needs to submit a written application and documentation to prove that it meets the standards and criteria defined in the Regulation for Acquisition and Extension of the Right to Use the Green Quality logo. It must also sign the Rules on Logo Use and commit to respecting them.

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The organisations that meet all the prescribed criteria for acquisition or extension of the right to use the logo will receive a certificate by the SIAE confirming that they have the right to use the Green Quality logo.

To keep the right to use the logo, the organisation must prove every three years that it systematically implements the processes of continuous quality assessment and in-depth self-evaluation.



The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education implements the following activities as part of this project:

  • Once a year, we publish a public invitation to educational institution to submit an application to acquire or extend the right to use the Green Quality logo;
  • We offer content and technical support and guidance to educational organisations during the process of preparing and submitting the application;

We develop and improve the indicators and measures of quality used to evaluate the activities and achievements of educational organisations that are required to acquire the Green Quality logo;

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  • We appoint the Committee for awarding and extending the right to use the Green Quality logo (Committee for Green Quality logo);
  • The Committee for Green Quality logo evaluates the submitted applications and decides whether the organisation should receive the right or an extension of the right to use the Green Quality logo;
  • We maintain an online register of Green Quality logo holders.



So far, the project has reached the following key achievements:

  • We developed external professional support for the Green Quality logo that rewards educational organisations for systematic work on assessment or development of adult education quality;
  • We developed the infrastructure and guidance support for educational organisations that apply for the Green Quality logo;
  • We achieved a constant or increasing number of educational organisations that apply to acquire or extend the right to use Green Quality logo to prove their planned and systematic care for the quality of their work. In 2018, 31 adult education organisations have the right to use the Green Quality logo.

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