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27. 7. 2018




We perform the research activity within the scope of national and international projects. We have participated in more than thirty surveys and evaluations. A large proportion of our research was focused on literacy, while evaluations dealt with various active employment policy projects.

We conduct:

  • research for the support of the development of adult education theory and concepts;
  • applied research and comparative studies in the area of adult education;
  • evaluations of various content segments in adult education.

Research projects mostly deal with the study of issues relevant for adult education policy and development. Planned research work dealing with the policy, systems, strategies and concepts, various procedures, and the factors affecting processes and achievements represents the foundation for well-thought out and coordinated measures. This type of work is a pre-condition for an effective policy in the area of adult education.

Research projects create new knowledge. As the central national institutions for adult education, we provide for the creation of fundamental professional literature that enables the creation of Slovenian professional terminology in the area of adult education.

Research of the individual segments of adult education also enables the development of new models and forms of learning as well as their application in practice.

Would you like to learn more about the results of the literacy survey? Visit the PIAAC website.

Betterment of conditions the world over is not essentially dependent on scientific knowledge but on the fulfilment of human traditions and ideals.

Albert Einstein

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