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30. 8. 2018



Renting of materials and use of other services

You can visit the library every work day, but only after making an appointment via phone, e-mail or Facebook.


There is no membership or renting fee. An ID must be shown upon registration (ID card, passport or the new drivers licence (with a photo)).


Kontaktna oseba: Ana Peklenik
T: +386 1 5842 575

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You can also learn about our novelties and events in the SIAE Newsletter under the SIAE Library section, where we present new additions with short presentations and inform you of our other activities.

About the library

The SIAE Library is a non-independent special library that operates as part of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. Its collection includes mostly materials from the field of adult education and lifelong learning. You can choose from more than 10,000 units of material, including around 9000 books and more than 1000 serial publications. There are also nearly 170 titles of Slovenian and foreign journals and newspapers, with more than 60 subscriptions.

You can also find numerous manuals, glossary, encyclopaedias, etc., read different journals or use computers or tablets. The SIAE Library base is included into the COBISS/OPAC union bibliographic/catalogue database. This means that you can also order books from other libraries in Slovenia.

In the library, you can borrow, read or copy materials (books, journals, audio and video recordings) on:

  • adult education in different countries,
  • basic definitions, theories and principles of adult education,
  • policy, financing and reforms,
  • organisation of adult education: subjects, personnel, learning processes, teaching methodology, learning materials, efficient learning methods,
  • adult education centres and similar organisations,
  • education of special groups of adults: older people, women, unemployed, poorly literate, adults with special needs,
  • professional and vocational education and training,
  • tertiary education,
  • education and training within companies and other organisations.

Library users

The SIAE Library is well-stocked with professional literature in its field, providing valuable resources to adult educators. This is your perfect place to prepare for teaching or leafing through interesting literature. You can ask for help and guidance with finding the right resources or ask for an introduction to Slovenian and international databases. As in every library, you can also find materials you need for your work or for your personal enjoyment. You can also find advice on lifelong learning, familiarise yourself with the SIAE activities, arrange to collaborate and participate in raising of the quality of life and of course find the materials you need and are interested in.

The library also offers a lot to future adult educators – students. The library offers access to professional resources and can provide you a pleasant and calm space for studying or writing your Bachelor’s or other theses. We can also help you find appropriate materials in our database or in other databases. You can leaf through numerous interesting journals or borrow them for thorough reading. Another advantage of our library is that we can help you contact our researchers or arrange for you to volunteer at the centre, where you can gain main experiences. Last but not least, we can help you familiarise yourself with the SIAE and its activities.

However, we are open to anybody! We want to offer our users useful information both in the library and in quickly accessible online areas.



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