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Expert External Evaluation



ProjectExpert External Evaluation
Time period2012-2017
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactDr Tanja Možina
T: +386 1 584 2577




Expert external evaluation is intended to ensure expert external quality assurance of adult education organisation in selected fields of quality.



By implementing expert external evaluations into the process of assessment and development of quality in adult education, we want to:

  • Encourage the organisations to maintain their quality standards and to implement improvements and quality development;
  • Improve the internal assessment of selected fields, which is first done by the organisation itself (self-evaluation);
  • Implement a process that allows the educational organisation to get reliable external feedback on its strengths and areas for improvement and further development.



The planning and implementation of expert external evaluations requires participation of three entities:

  • The SIAE professional development group;
  • Expert external evaluators; and
  • The educational organisation.
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The expert external evaluators work in a team of members with complementary knowledge. The team includes:

  • Expert with specialised professional knowledge in the areas that are subject to the expert external evaluation (employees of public institutions, universities);
  • Experts that work in the field of adult education and in quality assurance.



The steps of expert external evaluation:

  • Preparation of a written application (self-evaluation) to prove that the set quality standards are met.
  • Formation of teams of expert external evaluators; review and assessment of the self-evaluation.
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  • Preparation and implementation of visit of the expert external evaluators at the organisation.
  • Preparation of expert external evaluation report. Planning and realisation of improvement.

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So far, the project has reached the following key achievements:

  • We developed a professional design (concept and methodology) of expert external evaluation;
  • We developed a programme of basic training for expert external evaluators as well as additional professional training programmes;
  • We trained a team of expert external evaluators;
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    • We set up a website for expert external evaluations,
    • We set up a register of expert external evaluators;
    • We prepared an informative brochure on expert external evaluation of adult education organisations;
    • In the 2012–2016 period, we realised expert external evaluations in 13 adult education organisations;

In 2017, we evaluated the process of external expert evaluations and their effects.

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