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RESHAPE the future (2016–2018)

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ProjectEducation and training for migrants and refugees – RESHAPE the future)
Time periodSeptember 2016 – August 2018
ProgrammeErasmus+, KA2
PartnersKeski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtyma – KEUDA (coordinator)
Alfa-college, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education – SIAE, Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali – IFOA, Mångkulturella Finska folkhögskolan, Tietgen
ContactDr Tanja Možina
T: +386 1 584 2577




The project addresses the current problems with increased number of migrants and refugees in many European countries. The aim of the project is to find efficient approaches to education and training of these target groups that would enable adult education to contribute to efficient integration of migrants and refugees into their new environment.


  • Carefully review good practices from partner countries in the field of planning and implementation of education for migrants and refugees;
  • Carefully review partner countries’ responses to the challenges in the field of education for migrants and refugees;
  • Record good practices and find ways to implement them into our own work.
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  • Inclusion of refugees;
  • The problems migrants face in the new environment;
  • New innovative curricula, educational methods and development of basic and advanced trainings and seminars on the topic of refugees and migrants.



To provide different perspectives on the topic of education and training of migrants and refugees, five international educational meetings hosted by the partner countries are planned in the scope of the project, namely:

  • Recognition of previous knowledge of migrants and refugees (Denmark);
  • Training of professional associates working in the educational and training programmes for migrants and refugees (Slovenia);


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  • Informational and guidance services for migrants and refugees (Netherlands);
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in migrants and refugees (Italy); and
  • Ensuring quality educational and training programmes for migrants and refugees (Sweden).

These 5-day seminars are mostly intended for presentation of situation and good practices in the field in each country. Based on the recorded good practices, we will prepare proposals for their implementation into the adult education field in other partner countries.

The experiences and results of the project will be presented at the final conference (Finland).


  • Organisation of 5 seminars for exchange of good practices in the discussed fields;
  • Preparation of analyses of the situation focused on the topic of each seminar, including presentation of examples of good practices in each country;
  • Professional article that presents the findings, good practices and recommendations for implementation of identified good practices into own work;
  • Video presentation of the project;
  • Final international conference.

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