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Education and Training for Adult Education Professionals 2011–2014

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ProjectEducation and training for adult education professionals 2011–2014
Time periodSeptember 2009 – December 2011
Project value610.000,00 EUR (European Social Fund: 518.500,00 EUR, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport: 91.500,00 EUR)
Financed byEuropean Social Fund, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactDr Tanja Možina
T: +386 1 584 2577
Contract caretakerKatja Dovžak, MSc
Mihaela Praprotnik
Marko Šiška, all Ministry od Education, Science and Sport



  • The project’s aim was to spread new knowledge and develop the capabilities of adult educators. The activities within the project were targeted at the following target groups of adult educators:
  • Managers and organisers of adult education;
  • Teachers in different forms of adult education;
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  • Headmasters and directors of educational organisations;
  • Leaders and members of quality assurance groups within educational institutions;
  • Quality counsellors in adult education;
  • Managers, mentors and counsellors at self-study centres;
  • Managers and mentors of study circles;
  • Teachers in the programmes of literacy for adults;
  • Managers and counsellors in the adult education guidance centres (AEGC);
  • Young pensioners who participate in guidance as volunteers.



The objectives of the project were to provide basic and advanced training and seminars to enable adult educators to develop general andragogical capabilities and specific andragogical capabilities for special roles in adult education. To develop and update educational programmes for different target groups of adult educators. To develop new learning materials. To develop and update ICT applications for support of project activities.


  • The project includes five activities that were further divided into individual tasks but represent a coherent whole aimed at specific project objectives:
  • Basic and advanced trainings and seminars for andragogical work;
  • Basic and advanced trainings and seminars for quality in adult education;
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  • Basic and advanced trainings and seminars for general non-formal adult education;
  • Basic and advanced trainings and seminars for counselling in adult education;
  • Training for development of literacy.


  • The following key achievements were reached in the scope of the entire project:
  • We provided adult educators with 49 different basic and advanced training programmes and seminars.
  • We organised and implemented 54 individual programmes for a total of 1045 pedagogical hours.
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  • We realised 676 hours of e-mentoring via e-classrooms.
  • We set up 10 e-classrooms for support of e-training and e-seminars.
  • We implemented 7 programmes in the e-training format.
  • Basic and advanced trainings and seminars were attended by 1008 adult educators.
  • We prepared 36 new or updated learning materials, 7 of which were also printed.
  • We developed or updated 6 training programmes and seminars.
  • We ensured continuous operation and content improvement of the online list of questions for assessment of quality in adult education.
  • We enabled all the training and seminar participants to access the online learning materials.
  • We maintained and completed the online catalogue of training programmes and seminars for adult educators.
  • We maintained and improved websites on andragogical seminars, quality and counselling in adult education.
  • We developed a new online application for monitoring of activities of AEGC guidance centres.
  • We issued 6 printed promotional brochures and posted many articles on progress and results of the project on the SIAE websites and in our bulletin e-Novičke.
  • We realised the final conference of the project, which was attended by 138 participants.

All achievements of individual activities can be found here. (in Slovenian)

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