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ActivityQuality Mosaic
Time periodSince 2017
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport, European Social Fund
ContactJasmina Orešnik Cunja
T: +386 1 5842 596




An online tool that allows education providers direct access to recommendations and useful tools and instruments for self-evaluation and to descriptions of good practices for self-evaluation implementation. The database includes several practical solutions, products and tools that have been tested and have proved useful in the practice of adult education.


  • To develop an online portal to allow adult education professionals that face quality challenges in the practice to access professional recommendations, tools and good practices for definition, assessment and development of quality.
  • To enable exchange of good practices in the quality field between educational organisations and professionals that develop internal quality systems.



This ICT online base of recommendations, tools and good practices for self-evaluation in educational organisations was developed as part of the ESF project Professional Support for the Area of Basic Adult Competences Development 2016–2022.

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The recommendations in the online base are designed to be used by those educational organisations with well developed internal quality systems as well as by organisations that are just starting to establish an internal quality system.

The online base includes five thematic sets, namely:



So far, we have implemented the following activities:

  • We developed the concept of contents for the base of recommendations, tools and good practices for assessment and development of quality and set up the Quality Mosaic web portal based on this concept;
  • We decided on the methodology for display of recommendations, tools and good practices in the web portal;
  • We made a selection of the already developed tools for definition, assessment and development of quality, edited their content and format and entered them into the online base;
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  • We identified topics for which new tools will have to be developed;
  • We invited selected adult education providers to pilot test the methodology for description of good practices;
  • We edited the content and methodology of described good practices and published them on the Quality Mosaic;
  • We presented the web portal to adult education providers and invited them to test it;
  • We implemented general promotion of the new online portal.

In future, we will complete the content of the portal with new tools and descriptions of good practices provided by adult education organisations.




The key achievement of the activity is the development of the Quality Mosaik – an online base of recommendations, tools and good practices.

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