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Adult Education Colloquium



ActivityAdult Education Colloquium
Time periodSince 1997 (one or two days in May/June, exceptionally in September/October)
Financed byMinistry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
ContactZvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 567




The aim of the Adult Education Colloquium is to shed light on current topics and exchange the achievements and views of researchers and professionals in the theory and practice of adult education and lifelong learning.



Contemplation, discussion and creation of opinions on current topics in the field of adult education.



The SIAE has been organising the Adult Education Colloquium (AEC), the main meeting of professional on national level, since 1997 as part of the Lifelong learning week. Since 2017, the AEC has been organised in collaboration with local LLW coordinators. Every year, we also invite foreign experts with whom we collaborate on international projects to participate at the Colloquium.

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If we want to support adult educators in their professional development by offering them trainings and seminars, we need a good insight and understanding of the characteristics and varieties of their career paths. It is important to know the specifics of different roles the adult educators take on as part as their jobs.

Only based on research, analyses and development foundations can we develop training programmes and seminars to provide adult educators support on their path to professional development and improvement.

Well-trained adult educators who are aware of their professional mission and have a strong professional identity are essential for quality of implementation and results in adult education.

The project started as a continuation of activities in the field of information sharing and guidance and assessment and evaluation of previously acquired knowledge in the previous EFS period. These activities supported other activities implemented by adult education organisations in the scope of public calls for tenders for guidance and evaluation.



The SIAE (with the local LLW coordinator) implements the tasks in the following thematic sets:

  • Definition of concept and contents of the colloquium;
  • Informing the professional public of the event and sending out invitations;
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  • Collaboration with providers of plenary and panel contributions;
  • Implementation of organisational tasks in the strictest sense of the word;
  • Informational and promotional support;
  • Promotional materials;
  • Ensuring media support;
  • Implementation of the colloquium and its evaluation.



Total indicator: 21 realised AECs

Adult Education Colloquium 2017 indicators:

  • Number of participants: 122
  • Number of contributions: 14
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  • Number of speakers: 16
  • Number of issued promotional materials (3): 150 copies of each.

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