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Guidance for employees 2016–2022



ProjectProfessional support to information and guidance activities and validation of non-formal knowledge 2016-2021 (shortened to Guidance for employees 2016–2021)
Time periodJune 2016 – March 2022
Project value809.000,00€
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport, European Social Fund
ContactTanja Vilič Klenovšek, MA
T: +386 1 5842 584




To improve the competences of employees to reduce disparities between their qualifications and labour market needs (specific goal 10.1.2) and to ensure the implementation of results of prior ESF projects with focus on a new target group – employed adults.


  • validation of non-formal and informal knowledge of employees, with the aim of maintaining employment, greater flexibility in employment and further career development of employees associated with their enrolment in further education and certification of already acquired knowledge
  • the development of effective approaches to information and guidance for the integration of employed adults, especially less educated and educationally inactive and older than 45 years,



Through this project, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) provides professional support to service providers (selected in a Public tender for financing information and guidance and identification and validation of non-formal knowledge and skills of adults from 2016 to 2022) that offer information, guidance and validation of non-formal knowledge throughout Slovenia.

The project’s target group is employed adults that need further training, qualification or retraining due to labour market or workplace needs, and its indirect target group is employers, since the activities are aimed at their employees.

Through the network of our service providers, free services are available to employees that need help planning their personal or career path by choosing a suitable educational/training programme or validating their prior knowledge, with support being available before, during and at the end of their educational process.

Guidance and identification and validation of non-formal knowledge are available to employees to:

  • acquire education at a higher level,
  • acquire National Vocational Qualification,
  • develop general and vocational qualifications,
  • acquire various certificates (such as language certificates).



The project consists of three main activities:

  • Development of professional materials, programmes and approaches.
  • Professional support to service providers.
  • Cooperation with stakeholders.


  • 8 expert materials (developed an approach to validation in the workplace, e-tool and a guide for the validation of social and civic competences, guide to validation with the use of two new media, guide to measuring the effect of counselling, e-tool and a guide for the validation of cultural awareness and expression competences, manual, guide for the use of new tools),
  • 6 events (for stakeholder information and promotion).

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