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Quality counsellors



ProjectQuality counsellors’ network in Adult Education (Quality counsellors)
Time periodSince 2006
Financed byMinistrstvo of Education, Science and Sport, European Social Fund
ContactJasmina Orešnik Cunja
T: +386 1 584 25965




We created the role of quality counsellor with the aim of:

  • Convincing educational organisations to train a person with expert knowledge in this field;
  • Training this person to counsel other employees and promote and coordinate the work of his/her co-workers when it comes to evaluating and developing quality;
  • Training the person to counsel the management of the organisation regarding questions of quality.

We established the quality counsellors’ network to enable professional connection and exchange of good practices and experiences of operating quality counsellors.

The conceptual design of the counselling network and the role of the counsellors was developed by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, which is also in charge of basic and additional training of the counsellors. The SIAE is also the professional coordinator of the network.



To become an adult education quality counsellor, one must successfully complete the programme of basic training for quality development counsellors in adult education, offered by the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education.

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The educational organisation appoints a quality counsellor who meets the set criteria. The title of the counsellor is Adult Education Quality Counsellor in an Educational Organisation and, as the name suggests, such a counsellor in not merely trained but also actively works in the field (at least 32 hours per month).

Quality counsellors who meet all the criteria become part of the national network of quality counsellors.



Since 2006, the SIAE has had the role of national coordinator of the professional network of quality counsellors. We also take care of basic and additional training of working quality counsellors. We offer them professional support and guidance for different activities related to evaluation and development of quality in their organisations.

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We organise two annual professional meetings of the counsellors’ network, coordinate the implementation of agreed upon joint activities within the quality counsellors’ network, coordinate the content and encourage participation of quality counsellors in the e-classroom and ensure that the e-classroom is active and that the counsellors actively communicate in the e-classroom.



So far, the project has reached the following key achievements:

  • We developed the concept of the role of adult education quality counsellor;
  • We developed the programme for basic training of quality counsellors and many additional training programmes;
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  • We trained more than 49 adult education quality counsellors;
  • We established a national network of adult education quality counsellors;
  • We established a registry of active adult education quality counsellors. Currently, there are 33 active quality counsellors in the network;
  • We prepared a professional study on fluctuation of trained adult education quality counsellors.

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