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Offering Quality Education to Adults



ProjectOffering Quality Education to Adults – OQEA
Time periodSince 2000
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport, Social European Fund
ContactDr Tanja Možina
T: +386 1 584 2577




The main aim of the project is to encourage educational organisations to establish and develop an internal quality-control system based on self-evaluation, supplemented by external quality assessments.


  • Development of a self-evaluation approach, adapted to adult education organisations;
  • Development of quality indicators for adult education;
  • Development of basic and advanced training programmes for professionals who use the OQEA approach in practice;
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  • Offering guidance to educational organisations regarding the implementation of self-evaluations in accordance with the OQEA approach;
  • Development of information-communication support service and professional literature to help with self-evaluations.



The OQEA approach to self-evaluation is based on the principles of definition, assessment, maintenance and development of quality of one’s own work. During this process, the management and the employees reflect on their own mission, vision and values they want to develop through their education of adults.

The approach includes tools for planning and implementation of continuous monitoring and in-depth assessment of the quality of one’s own work and planning of measures for constant improvement to ensure the satisfaction of organisations, of the adult learner and of business partners and the environment.

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The organisation that uses the OQEA approach to self-evaluate uses carefully planned systematic procedures to assess and evaluate its quality at regular time intervals. One self-evaluation cycle includes the following activities:

  • Planning of self-evaluation;
  • Implementation of self-evaluations;
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  • Preparation of self-evaluation report;
  • Preparation and implementation of a quality development action plan.

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