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Self-Directed Learning Centres


ProjectSelf-directed learning centres
Time periodSince 1993
Financed byMinistry of Education, Science and Sport
ContactMargerita Zagmajster, MSc
T: +386 1 5842 563

Dr Anita Jug Došler
T: +386 1 5842 580




At the Self-Directed Learning Centres (SDLC), adults can acquire, consolidate and improve their knowledge independently. To support the independent learning process, professionally trained counsellors help the participants select their learning materials and learning methods. The SDLCs offer materials for independent learning, modern learning technologies and the professional help of the SDLC staff.




The underlying objectives of the SDLCs are:

  • To ensure the possibility of non-formal education by providing free organised independent learning to the widest possible range of people;
  • To spread the culture of independent learning and increase the level of education within the population;


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  • To encourage and motivate individuals to learn (acquire new knowledge, consolidate old knowledge and spread the importance of lifelong learning);
  • To meet the needs of adult learners (accessibility, free choice of content and sources, free choice of schedule and speed of learning), while paying special attention to those who are prevented from joining organised forms of learning due to physical or time barriers, who are better suited to independent learning using ICT technologies and who cannot access other forms of learning due to financial barriers;
  • To prepare learning material and materials for independent learning and to constantly improve educational programmes.



The Self-directed learning centres (SDLC) are aimed at all adults who cannot access or are not suited for traditional learning and education for any reason. The participants can use the SDLCs for free, as they are financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.


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The SIAE started developing organised self-learning in 1993 with the aim of establishing and spreading the culture of organised self-learning in Slovenia. Today, the SDLCs can be found all across Slovenia. In 2017, 36 centres for general education and 2 SDLC branches at the AEC Velenje (in Nazarje and Šoštanj) were part of the SDLC network, allowing participants to consolidate and acquire knowledge independently and for free through the support of professional SDLC staff.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education provides professional support to the SDLC network, maintains and updates the SDLC portal and monitors SDLC operation using the SDLC computer application. The activities of the SDLCs who reach the criteria set in the Order determining the standards and norms in adult education (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 43/2000) are co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.



  • Professional support and consulting support within the SSC network;
  • Quality assurance, development and evaluation of SSC operation;
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  • Planning, development, updating and implementation of the basic training and improvement programmes;
  • Development and editing of learning materials, the portal, the application, joint documentation and databases on SCC operation and the activities within organised self-learning.



The key achievements of the project in the last year were:

  • 8,723 participants;
  • Regular maintenance and updating of the SSC application (to monitor the SSC activities);
  • Maintenance and updating of the SSC web portal (to connect the SSC providers, to post materials, etc.)

Read more in the report Recommendations for updating the SSC model and the KX model.

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