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28. 6. 2019

Professional consultation on primary school for adults

On 9 May, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport organised a professional consultation entitled Primary School for Adults –...

26. 6. 2019

People are attracted to knowledge just like bees are to honey

With nearly a quarter of a century-long tradition of organising the LLW, the SIAE is using a poster to invite...

24. 6. 2019

Designing modern adult education policies

We participated at the seminar upon the conclusion of the first phase of the Designing Modern Adult Education Policies Project...

21. 6. 2019

The third opportunity for mutual learning within the scope of the EAAL project – this time in Luxembourg

A three-member Slovenian team were in Luxemburg from 3 to 5 April. The host of this year’s international PLA event...

28. 3. 2019

First further training for quality counsellors in 2019

“Numbers, shares, and other optimistic data, and mainly the carefully selected speakers with interesting and even whimsical performances, contributed to...

20. 3. 2019

New videos on the self-directed learning centres portal

“The Self-Directed Learning Centres portal now has a total of 161 videos – 70 are aimed at learning how to use...

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