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7. 3. 2022

GLAS project: 3rd Transnational Partnership Meeting

The SIAE is one of the partners in the Erasmus+ project Guidance for Low – skilled Adults towards Skills Assessment and Validation – GLAS. The project is coordinated by Trebnje Centre for Education and Culture (CIK Trebnje, Slovenia).

This week 3rd Transnational Partnership Meeting is held at the SIAE in Ljubljana. In the training programme for counsellors in process of validation of language, mathematical and digital competences for low-skilled adults we are hosting counsellors from three partner countries, namely Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, who are joined by Slovenian colleagues.

The main aim of the project is to develop Methodology for assessment and validation of ICT, numeracy and language skill for adult education and guidance services practitioners complied the Implementation Guidelines that will provide concrete measures and common principles for basic skills assessment and validation. In the project we will include low-skilled adults in the process of screening, assessment and validation of their basic skills. After the procedure they will receive an individual’s skills record, which will include the counsellor’s opinion of achieved level of skills in coherence with EQF, and recommendations for further education and training programs (eg. strong areas, weak areas, recommendations for the future).

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