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14. 3. 2022

Adult education at the events of the Slovenian Presidency

One of the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council 2021 was adult learning and education (ALE). The working group at MESS, including some SIAE representatives, has been devoting their time to these activities. A good part of the efforts was dedicated to preparing for the conference.

To implement a two-day European conference on ALE entitled Adult Learning and Education – The Resilient Response to Future Challenges, we joined forces with UNESCO and UIL.

The events of the first day focused on speeches, presentations and discussions on contemporary ALE topics: skills for future life and work, the twin transition (green and digital), demography (healthy and active ageing and migrations) and awareness-raising, guidance and outreach activities in ALE.

At the beginning of the second day the concluding findings of the four working groups were presented, which were later recast into the ALE Declaration. Most of the time and attention was subsequently devoted to the European Regional Preparatory Conference for the International Conference on ALE (CONFINTEA VII 2022 in Morocco).

Read more in Zvonka’s article in the SIAE Newsletter here.

Cover of the conference on adult learning and education

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