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7. 2. 2024


Naslovnica strokovnega gradiva z naslovom Capitalisation.

This paper addresses issues related to outreach and fieldwork with young adults. With this unusual title, the authors aim to draw attention to the importance, benefits and social value of working with young people at the margins of society. It summarises the main concepts, development, policies and status of youth work in the partner countries and the EU in general. Key European and partner country documents in this field are covered. Some models of outreach and their implications for practice are presented, as well as good practices selected on a country-by-country basis and more widely (e.g. in Canada). Planning and evaluation tools are also provided. Issues related to training for fieldwork and networking are addressed.

The material is one of the four intellectual outputs of the Erasmus+ YouthReach project. In addition, the training programme, the methodological guide and the fieldwork manual.

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