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12. 4. 2024

Bridges for Solutions in (Y)out(h)reach: Pedagogical toolkit

Cover of the publication Bridges for Solutions in (Y)out(h)reach: Pedagogical toolkit

The handbook aims to provide explanations and tools to improve the quality of outreach by creating a dialogue between stakeholders. For institutional staff, volunteers, NGO representatives, outreach is often challenging. Especially because it is not consistently integrated into the broader framework of support systems, e.g. education.

The handbook consists of three chapters: Youth and Society, Building Bridges between Youth and Society, Challenges for Youth Workers and How to Face Them. Each chapter consists of a number of themes, which are identified through theoretical and method section and through practical examples. Through it, the reader can also access two other documents produced by the project: Capitalisation, a training programme and a methodological guide for practitioners.

The handbook was produced in the framework of the Erasmus+ YouthReach project, funded by the European Union for the period 2021-2024.

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