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31. 7. 2019

DIMA: Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis at National and EU Level – comparative report

The report presents a needs assessment and gap analysis for adult learning providers in the four partner countries of the DIMA project.

The results presented in this report arise from three different data collection instruments: web based survey, individual interviews and focus group discussions. Results from the data collection instruments were collected by the IO2 coordinator, the Slovenian partner team. The other partners elaborated summaries of individual interviews and focus group discussions.

The report is divided into several chapters and sub-chapters, logically following outcomes of all three instruments. The first instrument, web based survey, is presented in charts and tables which is quite extensive in comparison to other two presented instruments.

The intention of the report is to outline topics, needs, and problems in the field of adult education in each country. The findings will underpin approaches to solve these problems, and decision making and planning methods common or similar in all partner countries.

However, the report also outlines solutions undertaken in just one or two partner countries, which serve as examples of good practice for others.

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