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16. 2. 2024

Strengthening skills for life through the EAAL Forums

We entered this autumn with four exciting events. As part of the EAAL project, we highlighted civicmediapersonal (emotional) and interpersonal, as well as financial and consumer skills for life.

Through such events at the SIAE, we celebrate the EYS. We aim to reach a wide range of people; hence, our expert-led meetings are organised remotely. We are delighted to see that this approach also engages individuals from organisations not primarily active in ALE.

At all four events, we granted humans and the skills they need to face everyday challenges center stage. Since we see AI as our assistant, Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, who is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the events and is also the event facilitator, asked the chatbot about the topic at hand on each occasion. On the website of each event (in Slovenian language), an exciting extract of their conversation is available.

Read more in the SIAE Newsletter here.

Photos of the participants

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