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26. 11. 2020

Profi-train – Training of adult educators working in companies

After three years of planning, testing and introduction into practice, the SIAE and the other partners of the Profi-Train project finished its development and the training-related work. We offer trainers a well-thought-out and tested integrated model for work-based basic skills training with supporting materials available in all languages of the participating countries.

The SIAE was invited to participate in the project thanks to its experience in the training of trainers. We, however, saw the proposed project as an opportunity to exchange and acquire new knowledge from the experts who have much more know-how in this field. Above all, we wanted to integrate the rich tradition of work-based basic skills training with the project for developing basic and vocational competences of employees. This was because the Profi-Train professionalisation concept is designed so as to allow adult education professionals to develop and carry out the training programmes in work environments in a way that benefits the company and the employees, generates added value and enables employees to participate in lifelong learning.

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Author: Creatim

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