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25. 1. 2021

International Conference: 10 Years of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework

Vera Mlinar of the SIAE attended the international conference at the 10th anniversary of the SQF in the first half of September. After the welcome and introductory speeches, experts from home and abroad presented the results of the monitoring and evaluation of the national qualifications frameworks.

The first extensive monitoring of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework in Slovenia showed that the tool contributes to a better understanding of qualifications in the country. Two fundamental aims of the SQF were highlighted: transparency and comparability of qualifications at the national level. At the same time, the monitoring revealed that a majority of the expert community (80%) that come into contact with the Framework in their work know it well, but they are not familiar with the purposes for which the SQF is used. Various counsellors at the operational level and direct users are poorly familiar with the Framework.

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Author: Creatim

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