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6. 1. 2022

Dr Tanja Možina, recipient of the Award of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education for 2021 – for outstanding achievements in adult education

We are proud and happy that on the day after World Teachers’ Day, our colleague Dr Tanja Možina received the Award of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education for 2021 – for outstanding achievements in the field of ALE.

Tanja received the award for her in-depth research and development work on the conceptual construction of a comprehensive national ALE quality assessment and development system, which she successfully complements with continuous testing in practice. As the initiator, she designed the Slovenian model for quality assessment and development called OQEA at SIAE twenty years ago. The latter reflects her belief that educational organisations can systematically, objectively and comprehensively take care of their quality through self-evaluation – a central tool of the OQEA model. She has designed several tools, methods and guidelines to help participating organisations. The comprehensive approach includes, among other things, a collection of quality indicators developed for the ALE. The vast majority of Slovenian organisations that implement ALE programmes use this model.

Find out more in the SIAE Newsletter Winter 2021.

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Author: Creatim

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