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18. 7. 2019

Approach to Self-Evaluation Offering Quality Education to Adults – OQEA

Within the framework of the international project SHAPE (Shared expertise in the provision of adult education in 5 European countries: Sharing good practices in the field of adult education in five European countries), we were presented with the opportunity to present the Slovenian approach to self-evaluation in a transparent and concise manner in hard copy.

We decided to design and print a promotional booklet in 2 versions – English and Slovenian. The booklet presents the starting points on which the POKI self-evaluation approach is based, the very process through which an adult education organization plans and conducts a self-evaluation according to the POKI model, as well as what the organization introduces into its internal quality system during the process.

Other contents in the field of quality of adult education, which are developed and directed by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, are briefly presented.

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