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8. 5. 2023

Together, we break through the circle of the convinced and spread the power and joy of learning

The development of the SIAE has been dictated by technology and, above all, the needs of society and the individual. With these words, Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik begins to describe her career at the SIAE.

The Ordinance on the Establishment of the SIAE stated that our institute “performs library activities and maintains a programme and media library in the field of adult education, prepares and publishes publications and other materials for adult education, develops and maintains an information system, performs other infrastructure activities necessary for the development of adult education”. Some of these information-based tasks have acquired specific names and are still with us today, such as the e-Newsletter, the SIAE Library and the Where to get knowledge platform. We continuously update their approach to reaching the public. Others remain in the background, constituting our infrastructure.

Already in 1996, the development of another, perhaps even dominant, group of activities began: promotion or awareness-raising. The latter was explicitly mentioned in SIAE’s annual work plan and organisational chart for the first time in 2000, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the leading promotional project – the Lifelong Learning Week (later Weeks) (LLW). The latter became our flagship in Slovenia and abroad. Thanks to it, we have woven partnerships with other activities and within the ALE community – at the local and national levels. At the same time, we have worked inter-ministerially and offered a helping hand to other stakeholders. Our efforts were holistic and inclusive, life-wide and life-long. Learners also had a voice; we awarded many for promoting adult learning and knowledge.

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People at the LLW meeting

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