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28. 11. 2023

The significance of skills highlighted at two European events

Making Skills Count Conference was the second EYS event at the European level. The first one had a festival-like format and took place online. The recording is available here.

The recent conference titled Making Skills Count took place on 8 and 9 June, both in-person at the renowned Square Centre in Brussels and online. The event’s purpose was to more decisively present the reasons for declaring the EYS, various perspectives and approaches at the European and national level, and listen to stories and inspiring testimonies.

Many compelling words were spoken with a common denominator: skills matter, so let’s strive to acquire them, continually upgrade them, and adapt to (the rapidly changing) needs of individuals, society, and the economy!

According to the EYS working group at the EC, as many as 1,200 people attended the event, and it reached around 3.5 million views online. The multifaceted proceedings are captured in recordings of the plenary sessions and some workshops, available here. More examples of individuals who improved their skills with European resources and in connection with the EYS are available in a new Euronews article, which includes an interview with Commissioner Nicolas Schmit.

Read more in the SIAE Newsletter Autumn 2023 here.

Photo of the participants at the conference

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