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5. 7. 2022

Storytelling for Connection

AONTAS Project Officer Giuliana Peña visited Slovenian Lifelong Learning Weeks (LLW) 2022 in May. Her study visit was centred around participating in the LLW, meeting different LLW coordinators, visiting different education centres, and attending LLW launch events in various local communities in the Kozjansko and Koroška regions.

“I felt so welcomed by the SIAE and Knjižnica Šmarje pri Jelšah who let me participate in their ‘Stories Make Life Better’ project. Their approach of immersive story telling to promote learning and connection has inspired me to think of new ways of promoting learner voice across Ireland”, wrote Giuliana the SIAE Newsletter Summer 2022.

Read more about the trip here.

Study visit in Lifelong learning weeks 2022

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