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21. 10. 2019

Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week 2019: Stories, part 2

We invite to read stories about the Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week 2019 written by Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik of the SIAE.

“For me, the stars of this year’s Zasavje Learning Parade were primary school pupils and students – Jakob and his classmates, a boy and a girl who enthusiastically provided a CPR demonstration, high school students who impressed me with an innovative bottle opener, a product of their practice company. And all those who took the stage and co-created a very dynamic atmosphere of learning opportunities. I concluded that the path to knowledge and skills of these young people would probably be straightforward, since I have noticed their desire for understanding and action. Furthermore, the support from the environment: the three local communities, educational and non-governmental organizations and many other lifelong learning providers with the Zasavje AEC at the forefront, could be felt. The mining perseverance and firmness that are in their blood are also of help”.

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Author: Creatim

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