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10. 2. 2021

SkillHubs project to empower inmates upon return to the labour market

In Europe, there are on average 111 inmates per 100,000 inhabitants. In Slovenia slightly less, 67 per 100,000 inhabitants. Returning convicts to the labour market is one of the main tasks of the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, in addition to striving for a safe society and ensuring their reintegration into a society where they could live in accordance with all legal and social norms. This is linked to the education of convicts, where the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia has been working with the Trebnje AEC for a number of years. A majority of convicts have neither the competences employers are looking for nor the will to learn, which is why the Trebnje AEC and its international partners developed SkillHubs, an innovative model for developing key competences.

The SkillHubs model features integrative and innovative methodologies that affect the comprehensive development of the individual in their integration into society, from improving their self-esteem to motivation for activation on the labour market.

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Author: Creatim

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