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23. 6. 2022

SIAE Newsletter Summer 2022 is out

Just before the summer, we at the SIAE collected the most interesting articles about the events taking place in ALE in Slovenia. We just ended this year’s LLW. At more than 8,000 events throughout Slovenia, we raised awareness of the power and joy of learning and attracted many like-minded people to be advocates of lifelong learning.

Some projects are coming to an end; others are just beginning – all with the intent to use knowledge and skills to empower as many individuals as possible, especially those with fewer opportunities. We connect with organisations in an international environment in different ways so that we can learn from each other and facilitate the transfer of good practices.

Read, share and remember: learning strengthens and rejoices life. We wish you a pleasant reading: SIAE Newsletter Summer 2022


Photos of the activities in adult learning and educationion

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