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24. 6. 2020

SIAE Newsletter Summer 2020 is out

It has now become clear as day that the world can stop rapidly and restart just as quickly. Slovenia has declared the end of the epidemic. We are aware that the virus is still among us, which is why we are being careful both in our personal and professional lives as well as in organising events.

The days of self-isolation have taught us many new things. It turned out that adult educators are also model students. We used to say that distance education does not work because learning is based on personal contact. But it does work – it works great actually. Non-formal distance forms of study were perhaps successfully adopted even sooner than the more formal adult education.

How did it go? It went great. You can read more about this and everything that happened here during springtime in the summer edition of the SIAE Newsletter.

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Author: Creatim

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