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8. 4. 2020

SIAE Newsletter Spring 2020 is out

In the spring issue of the SIAE Newsletter you can find an overview of the developments in adult education in Slovenia. The texts have been made from January onwards. Currently, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education is also faced with the crisis situation, which is why we are directing our actions to promote distance learning and other modern approaches to learning. Above all, we would like to stress the importance of learning in helping to cope with the difficult situation.

What is in store for you in the spring edition of the SIAE Newsletter? 

Recently we received our member organisation – EAEA’s request to help them create an overview of key challenges and difficulties for adult learning and education providers and organisations during the COVID-19 crisis. While we are looking forward to the overall survey results, we would like to share our responses with you.

We attended the Days of Pedagogy and Andragogy, where we listened with interest to the presentations of the views of lecturers, experts, and students on the integration of information and communication technology in (adult) education.

Through the ESF project Guidance for employees, we are looking for shortcuts to connect (employed) adults with employers. In particular, we want to promote the validation of prior learning, which proves a very demanding task for counsellors.

In December 2019, the Project Learning for Young Adults programme recorded the start of its third decade of existence with a nice event.

Read also other articles on the developments in adult education in Slovenia, and our successful cooperation with adult education centres in international projects.

Find the archive of the SIAE Newsletters here.

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