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25. 9. 2020

Professional Support for the Guidance Activity in Adult Education during the Coronavirus Pandemic

“We started sending news to the guidance centres on a weekly basis. We provided them with reading materials for their professional development (e.g. learning about new professional materials and tools for the validation of key competences), useful links for guidance in distance education, recommendations for the animation and motivation of adults to take part in the programmes and other innovations in the adult education guidance activity and in a broader domain. We are also inviting all addressees to share their materials, knowledge and news with other guidance counsellors. We wished to use the conditions, in which we have found ourselves, to strengthen contacts between guidance counsellors. Some linked up using the Zoom app. This allowed them to share experience and examples of good practice in the distance guidance activity.”

More in the SIAE Newsletter here.

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Author: Creatim

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