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28. 1. 2021

Personal Assessment of Basic Skills offered in Slovenia

At the SIAE we are gradually realizing the idea, boldly written in one of the White Papers on adult education, that adults should be able to assess their skills at any time in their lives. Especially after the national adult skills survey 2016, the PIAAC survey again showed Slovenia’s lagging behind in the field of skills on an international scale.

We started to adapt and test the Education&Skills Online Assessment within the current development project of SIAE, Professional Support for the Area of Basic Adult Competences Development 2016–2022 (shorter: Adult Competences Development 2016–2022). At the end of 2018, we also expanded the development project and proposed a suitable implementation model for the introduction of the Slovenian version of the E&S On-line (SVOS) across Slovenia. As part of the implementation model, the National SVOS point has been established at the SIAE. Its role is to provide professional and operational technical support in the implementation of the questionnaire.

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Author: Creatim

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