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19. 5. 2023

Pedagogical-Andragogical Days 2023: Education for an Inclusive Community

For 40 years, the Pedagogical-Andragogical Days organised by the Department of Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, have brought us together. In 2010, the meetings became thematic. This year, we discussed children, adolescents and adults who face significant obstacles in integrating into education. Dean Dr Mojca Schlamberger Brezar addressed the participants.

One of the discussion workshops also addressed the issue of the inclusion of adults with special needs. The purpose of the discussion group was to deepen the discussion on the modern challenges of inclusion faced by adults with special needs, their families, and especially professionals. Our colleague, Associate Professor Petra Javrh, actively participated in the workshop and stated, among other things: “It has been shown that there are several serious and concrete questions in this field. Special attention in the profession will have to be given to the question of who will more systematically take care of including adults with disabilities in lifelong education, which is their inalienable right.” The discussion concluded that professionals should first educate themselves more about the specifics of learning and education of people with special needs and better understand the deeper reasons for the appropriateness of the concept of inclusivity in the education system.

More in the SIAE Newslatter here.

Participants of the event

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